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How does Purchase Order Software help me?

When people get tired of their manual Purchase Order management processes, they often turn to PO Software to accomplish one of three primary goals;

automate purchase orders1) Automate Manual Tasks and Slash Paperwork

Let's face it, paperwork is dead!  With a good PO Software System, you can replace your manual Purchase Order management processes with an efficient online system to reduce data entry, eliminate errors and save time. 

Creating a Requisition or a PO becomes simply a matter of selecting items and suppliers from drop-down lists...the PO is then populated automatically with the supplier's address information, item descriptions, pricing, taxes, account coding, and so on.

Then, once the Purchase Order is created, it can be sent to the supplier electronically (fax, e-mail, via their website, etc.) and the PO is stored in the system's database for reporting purposes, so you can finally say goodbye to those filing cabinets forever!

control spending2) Control Your Spending

Implementing the proper processes to control your spending and save money is easy with a good Purchase Order Software System.  Our PO Software empowers Buyers, Purchasing Managers and CFOs to enforce budget compliance, eliminate unwanted spending and drive savings to the bottom line.

You can either implement the online approval features in the system, so that each order is seen by a manager before the PO goes to the supplier, and/or you can use the system's built-in budget tracking features to automatically stop unwanted purchases that exceed your budget.

spending visibility3) Improve Visibility

As soon as you replace your old, manual system with a new Purchase Order Software system, visibility into your spending will drastically improve.  Since you will be able to report on and track each order, you will be able to reduce or even eliminate "maverick" (rogue) spending. 

Our PO System comes with over 100 built-in reports, so you can see your spending history by vendor, by item, by commodity, by department, by project/job, etc., allowing you to easily identify inappropriate purchases and cut waste.

You might also be able to consolidate your vendor base and negotiate some volume discounts (i.e. purchase more from fewer suppliers in order to pay less).

Save money using purchase order softwareAbove all, Purchase Order Software saves you money!

If you save a dollar, you make a dollar, without even getting a new customer!

Remember, unlike an increase in sales of which only a small percentage is profit, 100 percent of every dollar that you don't spend goes directly to your bottom line.

That's why Buyers, Purchasing Managers, CFOs and CEOs are always looking for better ways to control their corporate purchasing. 

So when paper-based and other rudimentary PO systems fall short, many Purchasing Managers and CFOs turn to Purchase Order Software to gain control of their spending.

Use our PO Software Systems to improve visibility into your spending, reduce maverick purchasing and lower the prices that you are paying for the goods and services that you need to run your business.


Solutions by Company Size

Palmas Development Corporation has been creating affordable PO Software for over 20 years. Currently we offer our Purchase Order Software Systems under the brands "SpendMap" and "The Free-Procurement Project".

 Web-based Purchase Order Software for larger companies  Free Purchase Order Software for SMBs

Web-based e-procurement software for midsize or large organizations

Under the SpendMap brand, we offer web-based e-procurement solutions that can support hundreds or thousands of users.  More than just automated Purchase Orders, SpendMap automates the complete "req-to-check" or "purchase-to-pay" cycle, from initial requisition creation, to online approvals, purchase order management, receiving, supplier invoice approval, even inventory control and asset management.

Learn how to slash paperwork, control your corporate spending and cut costs at each step of your procurement process...take the Virtual Tour.

Totally FREE Purchase Order Software for small business (or small buying group in larger organizations)

The Free-Procurement Project offers totally FREE software that automates Purchase Orders and a whole lot more. This free PO System isn't just a trial or a limited version...it's totally free, like Google free, like Facebook free, like Wikipedia free.